Bijorhca Jewellery Awards

We are very pleased to announce the second edition of our jewelry competition in association with WWF-France, Les Ateliers Bermudes, 3J Création and Wacom.

The purpose of this contest is to reward the most creative and innovative achievement and enhance the profession of craftsman jeweller on a given theme, the protection of the oceans. 

How to participate in the contest? 


You need to submit a design sketched on paper or using 3D computer software. Send your drawing to The closing date for applications is 15/12/2019.

Your design should be an item of jewellery (necklace, pendant, bracelet, ring, earrings, brooch etc) made from precious materials. It must also embrace this year’s theme: the protection of the oceans. 

Your application must include:

• A completed application form, including a description of your project and list of materials used in the design

• Sketches of your design

In order to preserve the planet's resources, gold, silver and all the raw materials used in the manufacture of jewellery must be recycled. Non-recycled raw materials must be renewable, and it will be essential to be able to justify the sustainability of harvesting techniques, including compliance with regulations, taking into account social (labour law, respect for the rights of populations, etc.) and environmental (particularly the protection of natural environments) issues (e.g. black pearls and Tahitian mother-of-pearl, etc.). 

The members of the jury will reserve the right to ask any questions necessary for a proper understanding of the approach, origin and sustainability of the raw materials proposed by the designers in their project.



What are the rating criteria?


The panel will rate each design in relation to the following criteria:

• How well it reflects the theme

• Originality of design

• Attention to detail in your description

• Quality of visuals, including finish and presentation

• Technical knowledge

Who are the jurors?








1- Dominique Muller, Axiome Manufactures

2- Ange LECA, Wacom

3- Patrick Koune, 3J Création

4- Benjamin de Poncheville, The WWF-France Foundation

5- Marine Devos, Director of BIJORHCA PARIS

6- Gérard Flamme, Consultant

7- Elizabeth Leriche, Artistic Director of her eponymous style office

The jury will select 3 winners who will be revealed at the next edition

of the BIJORHCA PARIS exhibition in January 2020.

What are the prizes to be won?


First prize in the Competition will be:

-  The production of a single version of the item, by Les Ateliers Bermudes

-  A Wacom Cintiq 16 display with a value of €599.99 incl. VAT.

-  360° RICOH THETA SC worth €399 incl. VAT.

The second and third prize-winners in the Competition will receive:

-  A Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet worth €379,99 incl. VAT.

The “People’s Choice” prize will be:

-  A Wacom Intuos Draw tablet worth €79.99 incl. VAT


Finally, the first 3 winners will be invited as VIP to the BIJORHCA PARIS exhibition in January 2020 and to the BIJORHCA PARIS evening. 

What are the dates to remember?


December 15,2019: Closing of application files

From 16 December 2019 to 19 January 2020: Public Votes

January 10,2020: Deliberation of the 10 prizewinning entries

January 19, 2020: Revelation of the 3 winners and award ceremony at Bijorhca Paris

February / April: Manufacture of the winning piece by Les Ateliers Bermudes

September: Exhibition of the winning piece at the Bijorhca Paris exhibition

October / November: Auction sales of the winning piece for the benefit of the foundation WWF-France.

In collaboration with the foundation :

Who are the partners ?



Opening of registrations, exhibitor's focus, innovations...

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