Fashion Trends

For the Fashion Trends area, BIJORHCA PARIS and the Elizabeth Leriche design consultancy will be presenting a varied range of autumn/winter 2020/21 signature styles, from luxuriance and exoticism with Arty Jungle to eclecticism & reinterpretation with New Seventies, poetry &dreams with In White, and mystery & sophistication with Dream Night.

The setting is designed to tell a story, allowing each visitor to enjoy different visual and tactile experiences. Its lightweight architecture offers a play on shapes, illustrating the four themes: a forest of creeping ribbons, hanging white voiles, black thread curtains and 1970s motifs. These invite the visitor in, allowing them to immerse themselves in each concept.

Trends decoded for you in preview!

Trend N°01 :

Arty Jungle

Arty jungle invites us into the lush jungle undergrowth with exotic graphic motifs  inspired by the Naive style of Henri Rousseau, designed for life-loving extraverts. The pieces are original and opulent, telling a story through an eclectic array of natural and fashioned materials which meld luxuriant nature and exotic animal designs.

THE PALETTE: a palette inspired by the luxuriant colours of exotic plants and flowers: orchid, hibiscus, citrine, pistachio, bamboo, khaki

THE SILHOUETTE: a dress embroidered with exotic motifs and coloured sequins, accessorised with high-leg crocodile print boots

THE MATERIALS: feathers, rhinestone, sequins, resin, plastic, string, coloured mother-of-pearl, glass beads, leather (snakeskin, crocodile skin, etc.), raffia, fabric flowers, embroidered leaves 

Trend N°02 :

New Seventies

New seventies has borrowed and revisited the codes of the 1970s for the cultured, chic woman who favours a bourgeois-bohemian style with eclectic mix-and-match jewellery.  The jewellery forms colourful combinations oscillating between conventional and ethnic styles, mixing natural and synthetic materials, graphic motifs and cashmere.

THE PALETTE: A rich colour palette featuring burnished shades, denim blue, mustard, camel, turmeric, leather and teal

THE SILHOUETTE: A suede jacket with fur collar, long floaty Bohemian skirt in paisley print and high-leg boots

THE MATERIALS: leather, leatherette, wood, suede, horn, stone, enamel, glass paste, hammered gold, ribbon, fur, macramé

Trend N°03 :

In White

In White transports us to a beautiful and ethereal natural aesthetic veiled in white, setting an otherworldly tone perfect for the sensual romantic woman. Here, embroidered, crocheted and engraved materials are intricately worked to produce jewellery which blends transparent and opaque materials to create delicate, ultra-light pieces suffused with elegance.

THE PALETTE: a tonal palette of whites (white, ecru, cloud grey), lifted by with bursts of blanched silver and aged gold.

THE SILHOUETTE: a white lace dress with a feather-embroidered blouse, for an ethereal look.

THE MATERIALS: crystal, rhinestone, feathers, mother-of-pearl, porcelain, cultured pearls, opaline, resin, blanched silver and gold, trimmings, satin and lace ribbon

Trend N°04 :

Dream Night

Dream night is a party theme with a strong nocturnal vibe, where offbeat couture touches channel cosmic glamour for the woman who likes to intrigue.  It features sophisticated pieces with elaborate settings, stellar motifs and 80s influences which combine luxurious materials, offering a nod to the art of jewellery-making infused with a rock chic edge.

THE PALETTE: the dark-toned palette is high-end and nocturnal: ink blue, galaxy blue, midnight blue, hematite, mercury

THE SILHOUETTE: a silver lamé jacket with a galaxy print embroidered dress, for a fresh twist on a haute couture silhouette.

THE MATERIALS: black rhinestone, baroque pearls, feathers, lace, jet, sequins, paillettes, leather, studs and rivets, oversized link chains, hammered silver, gunmetal


The visitors were able to enjoy of the expertise of Carine Loeillet, journalist and consultant specialized in jewellery and watchmaking, to visit the Fashion Trends area twice a day ( 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm) throughout the show.


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