Fashion Trends

BIJORHCA PARIS proposed a preview of the SS 2020 jewellery trends. In September 2019 Bijorhca’s Artistic Director Elizabeth Leriche has unveiled  four themes in Fashion Trends, the area devoted to fashion jewellery.

For the first time, precious jewellery were presented  by product category in a beautiful new setting, the Precious Gallery, to appeal exclusively to players from the watch and precious jewellery sectors.

Heavily inspired by the fashion runways, Fashion Trends naturally follows the readytowear trends of the season. Twist Heritage, Color Graphic, Future Ocean and Sunny Craft follow the seasons, from the soft light of spring to lazy summer days.

A more open feel has been designed for this edition, so the area was structured  around podiums and models to replicate the runway atmosphere, with each trend represented by an architectural element such as an arch or graphic column. “Visitors will be invited to wander around the podiums through a modern architectural landscape,” says Elisabeth Leriche. “By playing with geometric volume, we have created an openness and dynamic fit for filming.”

Trends decoded for you in preview!

For its September 2019 edition, BIJORHCA PARIS has commissioned Elizabeth Leriche’s design agency to share a preview of the Spring/Summer 2020 jewellery trends. To do so, she has articulated the FASHION TRENDS area around four fashion themes to highlight the latest trends in the world of fashion jewellery.

For Spring/Summer 2020, Elizabeth Leriche she offered us four themes: 

  • « SUNNY CRAFT » to showcase artisan craftsmanship and natural materials for the sophisticated woman who radiates confidence..
  • « TWIST HERITAGE » an androgynous twist on bourgeois codes with a rock chick attitude for the free-spirited, cultivated woman..
  • « FUTURE OCEAN » taking a dive into the depths of the ocean, with a futuristic aesthetic for fearless sirens..
  • « COLOR GRAPHIC » inspired by contemporary art for the urban go-getter.

Sunny Craft

“Sunny Craft” marries contemporary shapes with artisan craftsmanshipfor a dazzling and sophisticated style that will really shine.

Twist Heritage

“Twist Heritage” is a mix of historic bourgeois codes and irreverent British rock chick.

Future Ocean

Explore the mysterious depths of “Future Ocean” where the aquatic theme turns techno-futuristic.

Color Graphic

The Bauhaus-inspired “Color Graphic” theme associates structured sportswear with kinetic and constructivist art.


The visitors were able to enjoy of the expertise of Carine Loeillet, journalist and consultant specialized in jewellery and watchmaking, to visit the Fashion Trends area twice a day ( 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm) throughout the show.