Necklaces in spring-summer 2018 colours!

  • Necklaces in spring-summer 2018 colours!

  • Sunny days are here at last! Time to switch from greys to bright colours! Check out our selection of pieces spotted at the January 2018 session which will be a perfect match for your summer wardrobe.

    Ethnic chic / mix & match

    This selection invites you on a journey around the world. Jewellery that mixes materials, motifs and colours for maximum effect. The Satellite label has specialised in colourful, ethnic jewellery for over 30 years, and its Alizia collection is striking in its combination of pheasant feathers, glass paste and gilded metal mesh. With her Abysse collection, designer Sophie Goetsch takes us on a journey to the Big Blue, with block colours formed of agate stones, Swarovski pearls and crystal. Brazilian designer Maria Santa remembers her travels in Asia with engraved Buddha heads and masses of tropical flowers from her verdant home country. The colourful pieces of the Ayala Bar label demonstrate the creative talent of this Israeli designer, who combines over fifty materials (textile, glass paste, sequins, tassels etc.) to create jewellery worthy of Frida Kahlo paintings. Born in Athens, Georgia Charal likes to reinvent the ornaments worn by goddesses, like this gold metallic wire necklace, arranged to look like delicate moving feathers.

    • Satellite


      ‘Alizia’ set with pheasant feathers, glass paste, Swarovski crystal and gilded metal mesh – Photo BOCI
    • Sophie Goetsch

      Sophie Goetsch

      ‘Abysse’ jewellery collection, agate, Swarovski pearls and crystal – Photo BOCI
    • Maria Santa

      Maria Santa

      ‘Asia’ necklace with Buddha heads and massed tropical flowers
    • Ayala Bar

      Ayala Bar

      Necklace of fabric, glass paste, sequins, tassels
    • Georgia Charal

      Georgia Charal

      Gold metallic wire necklace
  • Fauna and flora metamorphosed

    A key trend of the season, fauna and flora really bring the collections to life. Spanish label RAS offers a festival of colour, with its Hortensia pendant in lacquered metal. Based in Athens, Frangos Jewelry offers a wonderfully delicate necklace studded with dragonflies and flowers, and adorned with Bohemian and Swarovski crystal. Brazilian designer Gissa Bicalho uses plexiglass to create colourful jewellery, such as her orchid collection in tribute to this delicate tropical flower from the rainforest. The designer Victorian Rehab has chosen to feature real butterfly wings in her silver necklaces. Her Métamorphose collection preserves the beauty of these butterflies. Inspired by summer, Fanny Fouks has created a larger than life coral necklace. Made from rubber embroidered with pearls and braided raffia, the piece adds a touch of mermaid to your seaside look.

    • RAS


      ‘Hortensia’ pendant in lacquered metal
    • Frangos Jewelry

      Frangos Jewelry

      Necklace studded with dragonflies and flowers and adorned with Bohemian and Swarovski crystal
    • Gissa Bicalho

      Gissa Bicalho

      Orchid necklace in plexiglass
    • Victorian Rehab

      Victorian Rehab

      Métamorphose collection featuring real butterflies
    • Fanny Fouks

      Fanny Fouks

      Coral necklace in rubber embroidered with pearls and braided raffia
  • Pearls and mother-of-pearl: homage to nature

    To complement the beauty of natural colours, what could be subtler than pearls, or iridescent mother-of-pearl? This is the philosophy of Blue Stone, a label that elegantly combines blue Larimar pearl with white mother-of-pearl to create the wonderfully luminous Abysso collection. Portuguese label Astorga Jewels offers stunning openwork mother-of-pearl rings reminiscent of mashrabiyya latticework balconies! Freshwater pearls inspire Belgian label Taim to create two-tone metal crochet necklaces that resemble lace. Portuguese designer Bruno da Rocha, known for his love of nature, recreates delicate buds in baroque pearls. Famous French jeweller Philippe Ferrandis offers a haute couture ‘Arlequin’ necklace that combines several rows of fashion pearls and a dual clasp in coloured Swarovski crystal. In a more rock ’n’ roll-inspired design, Brazilian label Trois Design combines faux pearls with metal chains and braided leather threads. Mallorcan label Madreperla offers pearls that have been recast from genuine mother-of-pearl. The ‘nude’ colours are totally on-trend for this summer, and combine perfectly with tanned skin.

    • Blue Stone

      Blue Stone

      Set in Larimar and white mother-of-pearl – Photo BOCI
    • Astorga Jewels

      Astorga Jewels

      Openwork mother-of-pearl ring
    • Taim


      Necklace decorated with freshwater pearls on a two-tone metal crochet
    • Bruno da Rocha

      Bruno da Rocha

      Jewellery set reinventing delicate baroque pearl buds
    • Philippe Ferrandis

      Philippe Ferrandis

      ‘Arlequin’ necklace, rows of faux pearls and Swarovski crystal – Photo BOCI
    • Trois Design

      Trois Design

      Faux pearls, metal chains and braided leather threads
    • Madreperla


      Pearls recast from genuine ‘nude’ mother-of-pearl
  • When silence is golden and silver

    When silence is golden and silver Exceptionally timeless, gold and silver jewellery experiment with block or mixed colour. With great artistic flair, Polish designer Zaremski creates matte brushed silver and part gold-plated designer jewellery. From Denmark, Dansk Smykkekunst offers jewellery with a powerful design, such as this elastic necklace coated with golden or silvery copper threads. Experimenting with graphic effects, Sara Sousa Pinto creates pendants made from golden discs that evoke the sun of her native country Portugal. French designer Sandrine Boyer favours combining leather with stainless steel for her label Lo’s Bijoux, to create pieces for contemporary amazon women. Turkish label Kurshuni offers a multitude of highly sophisticated and elegant chains, embellished with vermeil discs or close-set, Zircon-studded lucky charms.

    • Zaremski


      Necklace in matte brushed silver and gold plate
    • Dansk Smykkekunst

      Dansk Smykkekunst

      Elastic necklace coated with golden or silvery copper threads
    • Sara Sousa Pinto

      Sara Sousa Pinto

      Pendants composed of golden discs
    • Lo’s Bijoux

      Lo’s Bijoux

      Choker in leather and stainless steel
    • Kurshuni


      Sterling silver chains embellished with vermeil discs or Zircon
  • Article by Kyra Brenzinger


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