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    DE LA FORGE – France
  • De La Forge, Singular (P)artisan

    De La Forge questions how movement animates the jewel aesthetics along with its usage and consumption pattern in a closely related way.

    De La Forge favors a motion type inspiration that never roots to the spot, and gives an opportunity for continuous creation through each collection, while keeping the essence of its graphical DNA : sculpted jewels that come in a variety of different scales. Using the multiple faces which comprise ourselves to leave room for interpretation. Movement is key to adapt and enrich one’s environment.

    2. USAGE
    De La Forge imagines a singular jewel, in both its aesthetic and utilitarian dimension. Anatomically, it follows and sublimates the body; it won’t hinder the moves and will easily be worn every day. The collections converse, offering a wide palette of possibilities : jewels can go together according to the colors and materials proposed, as an invitation to seamless interpretation. Each jewel offers a true identity trait.

    De La Forge reinterprets the traditional consumption pattern to give meaning to the object while insuring its durability and renewability. Searching for meaning is a way to put arts and crafts and the sustainability of our knowhow forward, as well as a way to give back to time its original value. A time for reflexion and conception, to allow the birth of a handcrafted jewel. Today, time is synonymous with luxury. De La Forge proposes Made In France handcrafted jewellery that is sustainable, and that each one of us can push forward in time, with one’s own tastes, to transcend trends and eras.

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