Name Inti Left

Purpose of the concept is to gather the universe of the jewelry with the digital solutions mobile apps and the Internet of the objects (IOT) can now deliver.

This strategy led to market an innovative line of jewelry designed to encase the same technology and app used in the original and available Monsherif© solution edited by Meetphone, to the difference that instead of having a wearable device discreetly worn on a clothing item, a practice already familiar to a large population made of different type of users, it is now part of a beautiful piece of jewelry that remains easily accessible, simple to use and yet discreet.

Whereas most of us always have our smartphone close at hand, in the heat of the action or when an emergency comes up, it is everything but obvious to grab it and to handle it to reach all the people we need to.

…hence this question: How to make sure friends and family will be reached when needed, and as many times as needed, while not being able to hold and use a phone in our daily personal activities or professional duties?


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