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As in high fashion, everything starts with a drawing.

Philippe Ferrandis imagines colors, shapes, contrasts. His imagination feeds on his endless trips around the world, his deep knowledge of Art, on historical references as well as on the colors of his native Provence. The outstanding workshop gathered in the Viaduc des Arts then brings to life these creations.


Graduated from the best jewellery schools in Paris, Philippe Ferrandis’ team mostly uses noble materials: fine gems, crystals and pearls gathered together in chiseled metal frames. This culture of sublimed gesture is enshrined by the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant or Living Heritage Company), which rewards French know-how.


The Ferandis woman is a daring one. She has understood the power of jewels, and she knows how to use them in order to embody every character she fancies. The multiplicity of the collections (two per year, the same as for couture houses) born from the fertile imagination of the designer allows women to change their jewels according to seasons, to the spirit of time, or simply to their mood. From one collection to another, the universe in which Philippe Ferrandis takes us changes radically. Either graphic or sophisticated, or embodying boldly the old Hollywood glamourous heroines, Ferrandis muses drive us through fabulous bestiaries, fantastic and luxuriant jungles, or more simply for a romantic stroll around Paris.


Passion, boldness and refinement remain the trademark of the house, making the Ferrandis woman, under her different attires, so unmistakably recognizable.


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